Social media reality show to launch next year

Social media reality show to launch next year

JUST when you thought reality TV couldn’t get any worse, A US production is holding auditions for an upcoming ‘social media’ reality show.

IT WAS only a matter of time – Hollywood has come for the internet.

US production company, LaVoie Entertainment is launching a reality show based on social media.

Casting calls for the show, called Social Media Stars, were sent out this week, and auditions are open to people from around the world, including Australia.

“Social Media Stars Reality Show is looking for YOU!,” read the ad.

“This is your shot at stardom! Live in a Miami Beach mansion, hang with fellow superstars and engage in social media challenges to show your stuff!”

Once auditions have been held, the producers will select five contestants to spend seven days on Miami Beach, living it up, and participating in social media challenges in order to prove that they have what it takes to be a social media star.

So how exactly do they plan to make social media interesting? You’d be forgiven for picturing a bunch of internet celebrities staring gormlessly at their phones.

Creator and executive producer Chris Lavoie told that they plan to keep things moving by putting contestants through a series of challenges.

“The challenges are top secret, but they are going to be very creative,” he said. “Keep in mind, it would be incredibly boring watching people on their mobile devices/tablets during these challenges.”

In truth, Lavoie probably won’t struggle to make the show entertaining.

Anyone with a passing interest in social media will know that people tend to overreact online in a big bad way. Case in point: Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Amanda Bynes, Kanye West, Russell Crowe,. Lindsay Lohan, and Chris Brown.

“There are always going to be intense moments when you film these shows,” Lavoie said. “People rant on social media because its easier to hide behind a keypad or mobile device.”

But what happens when social media and TV cameras collide?

Well according to Lavoie “there will be drama”.

“I want gossip, controversy,” he said.

“Because it’s a competition there will be drama, arguments.

“I want people talking about the show. You have to be bold because no one remembers safe.”

He may not want to play it safe, but how does Lavoie plan on keeping contestants safe from online hate?

“It’s something that I do want to address in the show,” Lavoie said.

“I think it would be a good idea to bring someone on who has faced this and have them share their story. It could very well be one of those tragic stories we all share.”

Lavoie says he wanted to maintain “a certain level of class”.

“No one will be throwing bottles at anyone,” he said.

So what exactly does it take to be a Social Media Star? Well, according to the show’s creator, you kind of need to be a little bit internet famous, or at least have a large social media following.

He wrote a checklist which he says potential applicants should consider before applying:

So you think you can social media? Here’s what it takes:

1. Personality

2. Social Media Fan Base

3. What their personal brand says to the audience

4. Diversity

5. Stellar Resumes

6. Comfortable in front of the camera

7. A unique sense of style/fashion

8. I try not to bring on Diva’s

However, Lavoie said he couldn’t commit entirely to rule eight.

“I did use the word ‘try’ for number eight,” he said.

The first season of the show will air online on video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and on the program’s official website.

“We will showcase this online and we will market the show to over 5 million people worldwide,” Lavoie said. “(We’re doing) everything social.”

The ultimate success of the show however will be if it is picked up for TV – proving just how influential social networks and the internet can be.

Social Media Stars will air online in September 2014.


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